About us

CRUNCHIES FRIED CHICKEN is a first grade quick service restaurant that offers the best varieties of quality fast food products and first class services. We are currently spread across the South-South and South-East Cities of Nigeria, with over thirteen years’ experience. We have carved a niche of excellence in the fast food delivery market with a service per excellence acquired from our daily interaction from our valued Customers.

We have further introduced CrunchiesPlus, an extension of Crunchies Fried Chicken which is located in Asaba, Calabar, Onitsha and Uyo to cater for further varieties of mouth-watering cuisines. This vision was an insight from customers’ requests and their increased delight for our new products.

Over the coming years, CRUNCHIES has built a unique culture of delivering superior Customer service and satisfaction in an environment that’s filled with energy, opportunity and fun. We believe in our people, trust in their positive intentions, encourage ideas from everyone and have actively developed a workforce that is diverse in style and background in all our operational locations. We build a high trust relationship with the society and believe we are socially responsible in ensuring not only do our customers derive the best from us, but also the community in which we operate.

We hold ourselves collectively responsible and individually accountable in the pursuit of knowledge and best practices inside and outside our company to offer complete customer satisfaction. By providing the highest quality products and superlative services, and being the best at all times in our industry, we add value to our Customers.

Our Customers in general, look up to us for good advice, reliable information, and efficient service; and in some cases empathy. Hence, our commitment to fulfil the expectations of our customers is through our core values, sociability and readiness to serve.

CRUNCHIES is committed in providing the best quality standards of food recipes and superior services at a greater value, clean and welcoming environment. We strive to continually enhance the working relationships of our employees and suppliers to serve a more balanced combination of food choices.  We are forever interested in customer satisfaction, welfare of our stakeholders and the society at large.

We will continue to optimize our Menu, modernize the Customer experience, and broaden accessibility to our brand, so that consumers will always enjoy the maximum quality package offered by Crunchies.

CRUNCHIES, taste the difference….